Sarah Silverman to Promote Gender Equality in the Industry

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Sarah Silverman is an actress, comedian, writer, cannabis enthusiast, and now a recent advocate for gender parity in the weed industry.

At a comedy fundraiser held on Monday, Silverman was trying to raise awareness over a matter that is far from humorous — the lack of female representation in the cannabis industry.

Hosted by Silverman, the event was organized by The Initiative — an organization promoting gender equality in the cannabis sector — held at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles. All proceeds from the event will go towards funding The Initiative’s projects on promoting gender equality and social justice in the cannabis business.

In addition to hosting the project, Sarah Silverman also sits on the advisory board of the company. In a press release for the event, she stated that “white males shouldn’t have a monopoly on the cannabis space.”

While they shouldn’t, white males seem to dominate the weed business. A recent report by Marijuana Business Daily indicates that only 36.8% of executives in the US cannabis industry are women. Further north, the situation is even worse. In Canada, there were only 8 female cannabis CEOs last year. 

It’s mind-boggling that women, who are one of the fastest-growing demographics on the market, are so abysmally under-represented in the industry. Even the ones that do make it in the business face prejudice, harassment, and frequent bullying. Recently, another female-run cannabis enterprise announced that one of the founders was going out of business.

Is a change likely to happen soon? Probably not. But with initiatives such as this one, there is hope that the industry could be shifting towards greater gender inclusion in the near future. Even if it moves at a snail’s pace, at least it’s going somewhere (forward).

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