Scientifically Proven: Cannabis Use Makes Us More Human!

Health News - Scientifically Proven Cannabis Use Makes Us More Human!

You know that mellow feeling you get when you toke up? Well, a new study proves that it’s making you nicer! 

Namely, scientists at the University of New Mexico described the behavioral effects of weed smoking as prosocial or boosting actions for the benefit of others like kindness and cooperation.

In other words, the pot-smokers among the 146 college students observed were more empathetic and more abiding by moral fairness than non-smokers. This means that they had a heightened sense of discerning what’s right from wrong.

While female students showed more aggressiveness, males ranked higher on the agreeableness scale. This personality type includes warmth, consideration, and sympathy toward others.

What’s more, scientists adjusted the results published in the journal Scientific Reports accounting for factors like age, socioeconomic status during childhood, sex, and ethnicity. 

Given all this, it was confirmed that the extent and presence of “niceness” were dependent on the concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the participants had in their system (urine analysis). 

And although the weed-induced niceness fades over time, all this is good news, especially in educational settings, given the mass-shootings frequency in the US.

Statistics show that marijuana consumption among undergrads is currently at its highest level compared to the last three decades, with almost 43% of college students consuming it annually

Even though it doesn’t shock anyone that weed makes you friendlier, studies like this one open up the possibility for other uses of cannabis to aid human interactions and boost group unity. 

These humanity-boosting behaviors, in addition to the anxiety-relieving properties that both cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) have, makes weed officially the ultimate ice-breaker when establishing new social interactions.