Scientists Explain Why Cannabis Gives You the Munchies

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Cannabis-related munchies have intrigued scientists for more than 30 years.

The John Hopkins University conducted a study back in 1988 and found that cannabis users consumed close to 40% more calories than their control group.

Some 30 years later, National Access Cannabis, a licensed cannabis retailer, surveyed 1,525 cannabis users and reported that 28% of them referred to eating as the most exciting activity after consuming cannabis. On the other hand, only 17.5% of the survey participants claimed that having sex was their favorite activity after consuming cannabis.

So, why is eating the favorite thing of cannabis users?

Scientists explain that the main psychoactive component of cannabis, THC, is responsible for the well-known munchies. After consuming cannabis, THC stimulates the release of the ghrelin hormone; it also activates the olfactory system, both of which are responsible for feeling hungry.

In addition, seems like consuming cannabis also causes junk food cravings. Since cannabis consumption has been legalized in some US states, economists have seen a rise in specific junk food sales. Chips have the highest sales rise with 5.3%, cookie sales have risen by 4.1%, and even the demand for ice-cream has grown by 3.1%.

All of this munching has practically no impact on the consumers’ weight, as the National Epidemiologic Survey of Alcohol and Related Conditions has found. There are several theories as to why cannabis users don’t gain weight, but scientists are still not completely sure.

However, they claim that the thing you really ought to worry about when munching on junk food after consuming cannabis is good oral hygiene, not a few added pounds.

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