Scientists Modified Cannabis Strain That Kills Cancer Cells

Health News - New Strain Against Cancer

The benefits of cannabis compounds, especially CBD oils, have been well known and documented for quite some time now. They’re efficient in treating a wide variety of symptoms — from skin irritations to seizures and cancer. Now, there’s even evidence that it could potentially be an effective cure for cancer and not just a way of easing the symptoms.

A cancer researcher from the University of Newcastle in Australia, Matt Dun, has conducted a three-year-long study focused on a particular cannabis strain that can destroy cancer cells.

His research also discovered that while killing cancerous cells, the cannabis strain had no negative impact on the healthy cells of the human body. 

Hence, Eve, the strain he modified, contains less than 1% of THC — the compound responsible for giving cannabis consumers the notorious “high” feeling. At the same time, the modified strain has high amounts of beneficial cannabinoids (CBD).

Dunn and his team partnered up with the Australian Natural Therapies Group (ANTG) to modify and develop the new strain. Moreover, the ANTG assisted the team by conducting the necessary testing to determine the potential of the strain as a cancer medicine.

The teams used leukemia cells to test the strain and found that it effectively killed cancerous cells while neither affecting the healthy bone marrow cells nor the white blood cells.

The next step is testing the strain on other types of cancer and persuading the global cannabis community, especially regulators, to consider using cannabis as a form of cancer treatment.

If proven effective for other forms of cancer, this cannabis strain could be a major breakthrough in the world of medicine.