Seth Rogen: Stop COVID by Binging Movies and Smoking Weed!

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Seth Rogen, the Canadian-American comedian, actor, director, and overall “funny guy,” is encouraging youth to remain indoors and smoke cannabis rather than go outside and break social distancing rules. 

Believe it or not, but Rogen’s words of wisdom are getting some serious praise from John Horgan, the British Columbia Premier. Not only was Rogen praised for his statement, but fellow Canadian actor and comedian Ryan Reynolds also received a shout out as well.

Rogen’s message on Twitter advised people of British Columbia to avoid going out to barbecues and parties and that it is more fun to chill alone, smoke cannabis, and watch TV shows. We absolutely loved this post, and so did Horgan, who retweeted it. Horgan also linked the province’s coronavirus info website that prompts people to avoid passing around smokes, drinks, and vapes.

Nevertheless, even though Rogen’s intentions were good, some people argued that it is best to avoid smoking cannabis during the ongoing pandemic. Instead, to avoid potential lung damage, some people recommended consuming cannabis via other methods. As a reminder, the coronavirus targets the respiratory system, and smoking cannabis has been shown to aggravate the lungs even further — hence the danger.

Rogen, who is also the co-owner of the cannabis company Houseplant, has used his position as a popular celebrity to advocate cannabis use in the past as well. For instance, Rogen released a PSA in 2019 that focused on issues that arise from having a criminal record. In addition, Rogen and rapper Snoop Dogg offered beginner cannabis users advice on the Howard Stern show last year.

After witnessing his mother-in-law’s developing Alzheimer’s, Seth Rogen became a passionate activist for research into the disease. Back in 2014, the actor opened his testimony hearing on research regarding the disease by joking that he was before the Senate committee to discuss a topic not related to cannabis. Rogen also successfully combined these two and hosted a cannabis-related charity carnival to raise cash for research involving Alzheimer’s.