Shutdown of Cannabis Stores in Ontario, Canada

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The notorious COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak that has been plaguing the world caused the vast majority of businesses to shut down, allowing only “essential” ones to remain open for consumers.

Let’s take a deeper dive into how this particular set of circumstances has affected countries in North American.

Despite cannabis businesses being deemed as essential in the US (in California, Connecticut, and Illinois), in Canada, it is a whole different story. Just recently the latest emergency order reported cannabusinesses as “non-essential.”

This latest update was confirmed by a senior official of the government in Ontario; the changes took place on April 4, 2020, and these cannabis stores will have to be shut down for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Let us remind you that Canada’s largest province (by total population) allowed 52 cannabis retail stores to remain “essential,” while ordering risky workplaces to shut down on March 24 as a means of stopping the spread of the virus.

Moreover, the hottest figures from Statistics Canada reveal that, back in January, Ontario’s sales of cannabis had increased by 10% monthly, exceeding an impressive 37 million Canadian dollars or US$26 million.

Prior to the latest announcement, a couple of cannabis stores had taken action by reducing the working hours in order to manage the traffic flow of customers and avoid larger crowds. What’s more, since cannabis production workplaces are listed as “agriculture and food production” in the province, these may yet stay open.

Luckily, Daffyd Roderick, the director of communications at Ontario Cannabis Store, claimed that the organization — known for managing the wholesale cannabis business and online sales in Ontario — had taken a number of measures to effectively manage greater volumes of online orders during the age of Corona.

According to Roderick, the organization is working with service providers to include added shifts at the cannabis distribution center, as well as functioning non-stop. Also, Roderick adds that the organization is doing its best to provide excellent service even though the current situation is quite challenging (to say the least).

We can definitely agree that these are troubling times and that everyone is doing their best at the moment. So, let us remain positive and see how the events unfold. Stay tuned.

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