SipCozy Launches Non-Alcoholic, Hemp-Infused Rosé Wine

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A brand new drink — developed by women for women — has recently hit the market. The US-based company SipCozy made a one of a kind drink with Millennial women in mind.

The company uses wine from California’s Central Coast, dealcoholizes it, and infuses it with high-quality hemp extract. This alcohol-removed grenache blend rosé offers an incredible experience, as they claim. It gives the consumer the feeling of relaxation and all the benefits of cannabis, without the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or alcohol.

Their official website states that you can get a “cozy state of mind without the morning hangover.”

Alex Klempf, the owner and founder of SipCozy, has recognized that lifestyles are getting busier nowadays; the list of responsibilities is getting longer, and the overall demand for wellness is also growing, which has made a hole in the adult beverage market. As a result, she wanted to create something that young women can enjoy on a daily basis, without the negative effects of alcohol or cannabis.

Now women all around the world can relax with a drink, no matter where they are — alone at home, or with friends over brunch.

The wine is traditionally fermented and then dealcoholized with some of the latest technology that BevZero company offers. After that, the Vertosa company infuses every bottle with 40 milligrams of premium broad-spectrum hemp extract.

SipCozy rosé has only 45 calories per serving, and non-detectable levels of THC, making it perfect for everyday consumption as a traditional wine, or an adult beverage alternative.

SipCozy rosé is available online for $18 per bottle, and it should expand to retail stores in 2020.

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