Six CEOs of Cannabis Companies Share How They Use Weed

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Mixing work and pleasure is perhaps an unattainable dream, but for the six cannabis CEOs who spoke to Quartz at Work, it is a dream that can come true.

CEO of Green Flower, Max Simon, runs an education and training platform on cannabis in California. He says he uses cannabis every day before work and after lunch, mainly to treat his ADD, which so far has not been helped by any medicine.

Meg Sanders, CEO of Canna Provisions, a marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts, says she does not use weed at work, nor are employees allowed to take cannabis during office hours. However, at home, she takes to CBD patches or topical cream to relieve pain. After especially hard days, she says she likes to use cannabis to help her sleep.

Ricardo Baca, the first US journalist to cover cannabis, left the journalism business behind and now runs a PR agency, called Grasslands. He starts his day with CBD capsules and tinctures that he claims increase his productivity. Not a fan of THC during the day, he says it’s more for home use. Still, he is not opposed to consuming cannabis at work with clients, colleagues and even trying out some new technology.

Founder and CEO of Apothecarry, Whitney Beatty says that CBD has worked wonders for her anxiety. She tries to stay clear of THC in order to keep a cool head during her workday. She also says that the vape pen in her office and car help her handle the stress of running a startup as well as driving through LA traffic.

Even though cannabis use is now legal in Canada, Alison Gordon, CEO of a Toronto-based producer and distributor of cannabis products, says she abstains from using cannabis during the day. Her job is strenuous and responsible, but that also means that she needs something to take the strain off after hours (pun intended). For her, joints are the preferred cannabis product.

Amanda Jones, the co-founder of Kikoko, limits herself to a single milligram of cannabis at work, but the evenings are a different story. Then she relies on the THC concentration in one of her products — tea infused with 6 or 7 mg of THC and 20 mg of CBD — for creativity, problem-solving, and brainstorming.

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