Smoking Cannabis Raises Risk of Coronavirus Complications

Health News - Smoking Cannabis and Corona

Whether you have been a long-time cannabis lover or you just took up smoking hippie lettuce to ease your anxiety due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you should think twice about it.

According to experts, smoking weed can significantly increase the risk of complications caused by the notorious coronavirus. Keep in mind that these findings also apply to people who hit a blunt just once in a blue moon.

Since smoking cannabis can damage the person’s respiratory system, it can also make the coronavirusrelated symptoms much worse. Based on a new announcement by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, coronavirus attacks the person’s lungs; meaning, it is extremely dangerous for individuals who are avid cannabis or tobacco smokers.

Not only that, but this is also true for those individuals who prefer vaping.

Judging by the findings from 2018 on Drug Use and Health, over 43 million citizens in the US above the age of 12 have smoked weed that year, proving that this is truly a serious matter in a country that is fighting the coronavirus. A recent report also shows that the sales of cannabis have increased by a shocking 50% in the city of New York during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Albert Rizzo, American Lung Association’s chief medical officer and pulmonologist, claims that individuals who smoke weed show slight signs of inflammation in the airways, much like the inflammation in people who are cigarette smokers.

Rizzo adds that these smokers create inflammation in their airways, which makes things a lot worse when an infection occurs. Hence, there is a high possibility of developing additional complications when exposed to coronavirus.

In simple terms, it’s just like adding more fuel to a fire.

In addition, the spokesperson for the American Lung Association and pulmonologist, Dr. Mitchell Glass, claims that cannabis has very specific characteristics that tobacco does not have.

Glass claims that since cannabis burns at a lower temperature than standards cigars, the individual inhales unburnt plant material as well. As a result, this might contribute to an irritation in the lungs, such as the irritation caused by allergens like oak and birch pollen. Hence, patients who have increasingly sensitive airways are more likely to cough or have bronchospasm.

All in all, it is understandable that in these troubling times, we reach for cannabis to soothe our nerves and reduce anxiety. Nevertheless, meditation, calming music, and a good book might be a safer option.

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