Snoop Dog Partnering Up with Israeli Cannabis Company

Entertainment News - Snoop Dog Partnering with Cannabis Company

The Israeli cannabis company Seedo had an interesting announcement on Monday. Namely, this CBD start-up is partnering up with none other than American rapper, entrepreneur, and above all hemp enthusiast Snoop Doggy Dog.

While more and more celebrities are embracing their passion for cannabis (or rather, coming out with it) Snoop Dog has never been shy about his status as a cannabis aficionado. The Dogfather’s enthusiasm for marijuana is no secret, and his new role as brand ambassador to this cannabis company will definitely suit him well. Zohar Levy, the CEO of Seedo, expressed his enthusiasm for working with, in his own words, an “industry icon” such as Snoop Dog.

Snoop will promote Seedo’s grow box, a machine that is used for the growing of these plants. Using artificial intelligence to grow and maintain these seeds, regulating temperatures, light, carbon dioxide, and basically any necessary minerals. These will all be monitored by the machine’s system, allowing the grower lots of autonomy, and free time to focus on less mundane work.

Furthermore, this automation system allows for much greater precision when it comes to growing, minimizing human error and mistakes. This is completely on-brand for Seedo, who have already been providing technology for commercial and home use for some time now, allowing people to do their work cheaply, efficiently, and without the use of pesticides.

Levy further talked about the value Snoop has for their company. His large global following, along with the networks and reach he has access to will make him an “invaluable resource” for Seedo. When one takes into account that Snoop Dog’s personal brand is heavily tied and almost completely inseparable form cannabis use, he will be right at home serving as an ambassador for this Israeli company.

On Snoop’s side, he has stated that he is happy with “promoting a healthier lifestyle” through the promotion of high-quality products. He further emphasized Seedo’s role in the creation of opportunities for people to benefit from the agriculture technology they offer, technologies that facilitate growth in urban spaces and a general lowering of costs within the industry.

Furthermore, Snoop, who has started his own line of marijuana and cannabis products in 2015 under the name “Leafy by Snoop,” will certainly appreciate any type of product that will speed up production, while cutting costs and expenses.

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