South Park Tackles Racial Inequity in Cannabis Industry

Entertainment News - South Park Tackles Racial Inequity in Cannabis Industry

South Park, the world-famous American animated series that’s been around since 1997, has been dealing with numerous controversial topics, including marijuana.

So it comes as no surprise that the second episode of season 25, called “The Big Fix” (which aired on February 2), talked about the racial inequity in the Colorado cannabis industry.

Namely, based on the results of a 2021 demographic study, 83.7% of licensees in Colorado’s cannabis industry are White, 7.7% are Latino, and merely 2.9% are Black.

In fact, Black and Brown Coloradans were most affected by the War on Drugs since they are more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession. The stats also show us 29% of African Americans are arrested for drug offenses.

Although social equity has been a point of discussion for quite a while, the same was not addressed in the legislation of marijuana in the Centennial State. As a result, many people started boycotting white-owned cannabis growers.

Now, when it comes to South Park, its creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone (who are also Colorado natives), decided to deal with the above-mentioned issue in their own creative and satirical way through Stan’s idiotic dad — Randy Marsh.

To keep his cannabis business floating, Randy decides to invite a Black family, conveniently called the Blacks, for dinner to convince the Black’s patriarch, Steve Black, a successful financial businessman, to join his marijuana business.

What happens next? Well, you’ll have to watch the episode yourself to find out!