Step Right Into the US First Public Cannabis Cafe

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After the long anticipation and waiting, finally there is a brand new experience for the cannabis lovers in LA. Lowell Café has recently opened in West Hollywood, and is conveniently only a few streets away from an In-N-Out Burger that’s always crowded with people enjoying California’s legal weed market.

However, instead of getting high and satisfying their munchies’ need with a take out, Lowell Café visitors can, at least those who are older than 21, legally smoke cannabis and eat some delicious food. Some would call it an all-in-one experience.

Of course, the security checks everyone’s IDs on the entrance, so there’s no room for the inconvenience.

Since the cafe respects California’s cannabis laws, there’s no alcohol sold. However, that is compensated by a 14-page cannabis menu that offers edibles, concentrates, bud, vapes, and various accessories.

The menu sections include an approximate estimation of the onset and duration times. Depending on how you want to get high, you can choose between the edibles that are “incredibly long-lasting,” or concentrates that have a warning sign that says: “Highly potent. For experts only.”

Another plus side is that visitors can bring their own pot. However, you must pay a $20 fee for that privilege.

The cafe also provides its guests with a “flower service,” that is, a host for the evening that will guide the guests through the expansive cannabis menu. The flower host will ask you what type of smoker you are, and what your tolerance level is. They even help their new customers choose lower-THC options, and direct some more experienced ones to a highly potent offering that will satisfy their tastes. What is left for the guest is to relax and enjoy the most delicious cannabis-infused drinks and food!

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