Studies Show Cannabis Use Does Not Mean Any Less Workout

Health News - Studies Show Cannabis Use Does Not Mean Any Less Workout

Based on a new study conducted by the University of Miami’s Herbert Business School, we can forget about the well-known stereotypes picturing cannabis users as lazy stoners who are just laying on the couch all day long, watching TV, and eating junk food. 

In fact, it turns out stoners tend to work out as much as those who never consume cannabis.

The researchers analyzed data obtained from 20,000 people and compared their workout habits and the frequency of cannabis use. Apparently, cannabis users seem to be as likely to engage in physical activity as those who have never used it. Furthermore, some of the data suggest they might be even more active than non-users.

According to Michael French, a professor in the department of health management and policy at Miami Herbert Business School, and the study’s author, the largest number of models indicated no correlation between any cannabis consumption patterns and any exercise habits. So, the widespread image of cannabis users being reluctant to exercise simply does not reflect reality.

Moreover, cannabis users might be even more likely to engage in physical activity than non-users. French says they still didn’t find that cannabis affects one’s physical activity patterns negatively, even when it comes to heavy users. 

A professor of social psychology and neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder, Angela Bryan, conducted one such study. In her study, it turned out that more than 80% of cannabis users consumed it either pre, during, or post-workout. Additionally, participants who used cannabis during physical activity spent more time exercising as compared to those who used it before or after the workout.

According to French, there might be lazy stoners glued to the couch, but his findings indicate that such behavior is not that common.