Study Shows Pot-Using College Students Are More Motivated

Lifestyle News - Study Shows Pot-Using College Students Are More Motivated

Good news! The latest study finds that the stereotype of a lazy pothead is simply not true.

In fact, the research, published in the journal Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, shows that pot-loving college students are more motivated when it comes to high-effort tasks than others.

The level of motivation of the 47 college students that participated in the study was assessed by the so-called “effort expenditure for rewards task.”

In short, they were asked to select either a high-effort or a low-effort task and pick the reward they’ll get if they do it correctly.

And you guessed it — the 25 regular cannabis users among the participants chose the high-effort option regardless of the reward, unlike non-users.

What’s more, the researchers from the University of Memphis accounted for other factors that most studies failed to encompass thus far.

These include the presence of anxiety, stress tolerance, ADHD symptoms, and income. So, regardless of all these factors, cannabis use made students more ambitious and confident when it comes to tackling harder tasks.

However, this is not the first study that suggests that cannabis has a way to motivate people. In one study of epic proportions (namely, 20,000 people), released two years ago, researchers found that cannabis users are just as motivated to do physical exercises as others.

Another study involving 5,000 regular cannabis users highlights that cannabis users are successful and productive members of society; they are more likely to be employed and take care of their health.