Study Shows You Can Make Sober Decisions with Potent Pot

Health News - Study Shows You Can Make Sober Decisions with Potent Pot

Ever wondered what a high THC dose does to your thinking process? The results of a recent study might surprise you. According to it, while strong weed does affect your memory, some of your decision-making skills remain unchanged!

In a study published in Scientific Reports, researchers gave multiple cognitive tests to volunteers who were consuming highly-potent marijuana with over 20% THC content. 

Their over-Zoom observations showed that the participants who consumed cannabis had a lot of trouble with memory, notably in these types of memory tasks:

  • free recall—remembering information in a particular order.
  • source memory—recalling where and how a piece of specific information was obtained.
  • false memories—the illusion of having experienced something that is totally fabricated.

That said, the study also proved that cannabis doesn’t affect all memory, so participants do well on tests like:

  • prospective memory—the ability to remember the timing of future events like a booked trip.  
  • temporal order memory, the ability to remember the sequence of previous events.

Plus, another study showed that cannabis actually improves memory among the elderly.

On the other hand, even participants who used concentrates with over 60% of THC, did well on the decision-making tests like

  • risk perception 
  • confidence in knowledge.

When this study started, the new DEA regulations for search-grade cannabis were not put in place, so participants had to buy their own weed or weed concentrate.

These findings are precious because they are one of the few that reflect the real situation with cannabis use.