Surterra Wellness Recalls Grandaddy Purple Due to Mold

Health News - Grandaddy Purple Recall

Alpha Foliage, the Florida-based medical cannabis company, announced a recall of one of their products earlier this week due to large amounts of the common mold fungus present inside, according to the Florida Department of Health’s Office of Medicaid Marijuana Use. What’s more, the company was ordered to alert all the patients who consumed the product.

Until recently, Granddaddy Purple Whole Flower, the product in question, was regularly distributed to patients all across the state. However, Alpha Foliage (operating under the name — Surterra Wellness) was ordered to discontinue its production after it tested well above the admissible limit for Aspergillus

Reportedly, inhaling high concentrations of Aspergillus can severely endanger immunocompromised patients suffering from various lung diseases. While most of us inhale Aspergillus on a daily basis, some are just more at risk of developing health problems.

More specifically, exposure to high levels of Aspergillus can cause aspergillosis — an infection that can lead to serious allergic reactions — as well as secondary infections in the lungs and other organs, as per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention

An overview of Florida’s state records indicates that Surterra Wellness distributed over 545 tons of whole-flower medical cannabis for smoking in July alone. They are among the leading medical cannabis producers based on the number of medical cannabis treatment centers, surpassed only by Trulieve and its 56 centers.

For now, Surterra Wellness did not provide any public commentary of the situation.