Switzerland About to Launch Its First Cannabis Sale Pilot

Politics News - Switzerland About to Launch Its First Cannabis Sale Pilot

Switzerland has given the go-ahead for a research project to test the sale and usage of cannabis for recreational purposes. The pilot project will start this summer when approximately 400 people from Basel will be able to purchase cannabis products from selected pharmacies.

In addition to that, the selected people will regularly be questioned about their usage habits and general physical and mental health to determine the pros and cons of legalizing weed.

The idea of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health is to raise people’s awareness of “alternative regulatory forms” and to regulate cannabis sales at pharmacies, while the goal is to see whether usage of the drug varies when it can be purchased legally.

The local government announced that only people who consume marijuana and are older than 18 would be able to participate in the project.

The project, which is being conducted by local government officials and academics from the University of Basel and the University Psychiatric Clinics in Basel, will last two years and three months.

What’s more, people participating in the initiative will face severe penalties if they give cannabis to other people.

Switzerland is not the only European country that is considering legalizing recreational marijuana. Namely, Malta was the first European Union member to legalize recreational marijuana use in 2021, and attitudes about legalization have been changing across the world.

In other words, it’s only a matter of time before other European countries, such as Germany and Luxembourg, follow suit.