Tasmanians Soon to Get Medical Cannabis Without Prescription

Health News - Tasmanians Soon to Get Medical Cannabis Without Prescription

Starting from February 2021, Tasmanians will be able to buy medical cannabis without prescriptions.

Namely, according to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), after the current restrictions are lifted, pharmacists will be allowed to sell low-dose medicinal cannabis to anyone over 18 years old without prescriptions.

As of now, prescriptions are necessary if you want to get your hands on some medical cannabis. But, from February next year, you can get up to 150mg of medical cannabis per day as any other over-the-counter medicine; you can even get some professional advice from pharmacists too.

Better yet, according to a government spokesman, all changes to TGA’s Poisons Standard are automatically adopted by the Tasmanian legislation — hence, no formal amendments are necessary.

Nevertheless, children will still require a prescription to get medical cannabis, which is “a real shame,” as per the words of the founder of Cannabis Awareness Tasmania — Lyn Cleaver. Moreover, she claims that much higher doses of cannabis are needed for children suffering from epilepsy, and this will make it all the more difficult for them. 

At any rate, the lower CBD doses could, in fact, help people suffering from various mental illnesses such as anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Plus, the upcoming change could also do wonders when it comes to the public perception of cannabis and show just how beneficial it is — especially for patients with critical conditions.

At the moment, merely six CBD medicines are approved by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, and all are manufactured by international pharmaceutical companies. Yet, this change could help alter all that and provide the perfect opportunity for domestic pharmaceutical companies to produce and test new CBD products more efficiently.