Test Finds Michigan Cannabis Contaminated With Mold and Yeast

Industry News - Test Finds Michigan Cannabis Contaminated With Mold and Yeast

According to the latest test results, Michigan’s legal cannabis market is contaminated with mold and yeast

However, Robin Schneider, the executive director of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association, does not share this “opinion.” 

In fact, Schneider claims that there are no indications whatsoever that the cannabis within the system has indeed been contaminated. Moreover, the association disagrees with the latest lab findings, stating that they were conducted without regulatory oversight. Hence, they are “not a matter of public safety but of scientific debate.”

Still, let us remind you that cannabis contamination is a serious health issue; it’s especially dangerous if taken by a patient with an already-compromised immune system.

Ben Rosman, the head of the Michigan Coalition of Independent Cannabis Testing Laboratories and the owner of PSI Labs, was the one that announced that there were, in fact, tons of contaminated cannabis products on the shelves.

According to Rosman, the whole ordeal with the moldy cannabis arose when the state decided to invalidate one of the testing methods used for finding contaminants — hence why state tests could not find any traces of mold in said products. 

And as a result of these false negatives, a lot of the contaminated products went under the radar, Rosman claims. 

Only last year, the state banned the sale of certain products from Detroit and Kalamazoo dispensaries due to contamination. 

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency is yet to provide a general public statement, apart from the commentary that there would be no product recalls anytime soon. Nevertheless, the agency encouraged consumers to report any suspicious reactions of cannabis-based products to both them and the place of purchase.