THC Microdosing Is the Latest Health Craze

Health News - THC Microdosing Is the Latest Health Craze

A new trend in cannabis consumption known as microdosing might bring the forgotten THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) back into the game on the marijuana market along with a brand-new cannabis experience

Micro-dosing is a technique that consists of continuously taking small doses of a psychoactive substance (ex. THC, LSD, or other) that are insufficient to make you “high” but bioactive in terms of health benefits. 

In other words, if microdosing is done right, you can take THC and other psychoactive drugs, but they won’t impair your behavior or cognitive functioning. 

A recent Israeli study finds that inhaling as little as 5mg of THC with an ultra-precise weed vaporizer can alleviate chronic pain without the common THC side effects like paranoia, anxiety, and altered consciousness.  Also, micro-doses of THC boosts CBD efficacy and action. 

So, both CBD and THC can be combined to a microdose ratio starting from 1mg CBD / 1mg THC.

Besides vaping it, there are other ways to microdose cannabis: 

  • THC-infused drinks (brands include Stillwater and Cann
  • tinctures 
  • oils 
  • edibles with closely regulated cannabinoid content like gummies and chocolates
  • smoking pre-rolls, joints, and flowers

But why do people microdose their cannabis?

Simply put, microdoses are beneficial to treating anxiety, depression, pain (analgesic action), and addictions. Plus, effects include enhancing cognitive performance, mood, creativity, focus, and overall well-being.

Still, some drawbacks prevent it from becoming a massive hype on the market:

  • the lack of products with microdoses of THC and CBD
  • THC’s negative reputation
  • Perceiving cannabis as a recreational habit rather than treatment.
  • Lack of substantial research of long-term consequences of microdosing and the groups of people that should avoid it.
  • The legality of the practice

So, whether you are treating your headaches or your PTSD, you might want to cut back on the cannabis dosage. After all, it seems that  “less is more” is also true for the usage of cannabis.