The Latest Addition to the Popular SKYMINT Brands Is Here

The Latest Addition to the Popular SKYMINT Brands Is Here

Michigan-based SKYMINT Brands, a popular name in the cannabis industry, has recently launched SKYMINT farms with the aim to cultivate the best sun-grown cannabis the Great Lakes State had ever seen.

What’s more, the brand plans on doing this right on their 200-acre sun-grown cannabis farms in the Huron-Manistee National Forest in Michigan. Not only that but SKYMINT farms also hopes to be Sun+Earth certified within two years. 

In fact, that is the exact same timeframe they expect to have grazing animals on the fields to make the farms completely biodynamic — farms follow a biodynamic mechanism and use both the sun and rainwater for irrigation, crop rotation, and intercropping.

According to SKYMINT’s lead cultivator, James Barr, cannabis plants produce more potent cannabinoids and terpenes when farmed outdoors. That is why SKYMINT Brands has two aspirations for Michigan — to care for the environment and to give back to the local community.

Namely, SKYMINT aims to better people’s lives as it now provides almost 30 year-round jobs in one of the poorest counties in Michigan, Lake County, where SKYMINT Farms’ cultivation site is located. Likewise, SKYMINT’s CEO and co-founder, Jeff Radway, said that the community sits at the core of their company’s ethos, hence their motto: “happy plants make happy people.”

SKYMINT Brands was first introduced as Green Peak Innovations in 2018 and has since been perfecting the craft of growing premium-grade cannabis. With their arrival in the Wolverine State, we can expect to see more high-quality cannabis products on the market.