The Latest Cannabis Clash — Which Dispensary Will Open First?

Industry News - Cannabis DispensaryClash in Hoboken

Make love, not war? Or was it the other way around? Namely, three cannabis dispensaries are planning to open within only one city block apart. Tensions are high and one of these cannabis companies is even prepared to sue!

The three cannabis dispensaries in question are Harmony Dispensary, Terrapin, and Nuka Properties, and all three of them are setting up shop near the Hoboken train station area. This, of course, is not possible.

According to sources, Terrapin is currently suing Harmony for allegedly bypassing New Jersey’s vetting process, and wants the dispensary’s approval reevaluated. The reason being, Harmony’s and Terrapin’s sites would be only a block away from each other. 

As a reminder, Terrapin was the first to announce its plan to open at 86 River St, which is only a block away from Harmony’s site at 93-95 Hudson St.

Nevertheless, Harmony Dispensary applied for the retail-exclusive Hoboken site back in 2018 after recent regulations allowed existing alternative medical facilities to open so-called “satellite” locations.

Eventually, Harmony’s proposal was approved by the Hoboken Planning Board in August. 

In response, Terrapin is suing Harmony for “sliding by” without dealing with recent laws about cannabis dispensaries that were just approved in Hoboken. More specifically, a Medical Cannabis Review Board was established by Hoboken in 2020. Yet, Harmony Dispensary had already applied before that. In other words, the other dispensaries will be subject to the most recent law changes.

Things got even more out of hand with the appearance of a third dispensary — Nuka Properties. According to a Hoboken ordinance, the city is only able to host three dispensaries.