The Most Popular Cannabis Strains of 2019

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Year after year the popularity of new cannabis strains steadily increases. The general popularity of a vast variety of them has reached an all-time high (pun very intended). So, with 2020 well underway, let us take a look in retrospect at some of the best cannabis strains of 2019:

1. GMO Cookies

GMO Cookies, also known as garlic cookies, is a cross between GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) and the Chemdog strain. Now, apart from its distinct, garlicky aroma, it’s extremely potent, which probably explains the 675% increase in interest for this particular strain. Definitely one of a kind!

2. OG Kush Breath

The genetic makeup of this strain is somewhat of a puzzle, yet a “parenthood” test would most probably point the finger towards GSC. What we do know for sure is that it’s a caryophyllene-dominant strain — in other words, it packs quite a punch.

In 2019, the popularity of this strain increased by a staggering 615%! Not bad for a “bastard” strain.

3. Original Glue

If you miss Gorilla Glue #4, fear not, it’s still out there but with a new coat of paint — Original Glue. It too is a part of the fuchsia flower family, so you can expect hour-long highs that will quite literally glue you to your couch — hence the name.

Just last year, it’s popularity soared by a whopping 349%, and by the looks of it, it will stick around for 2020 as well!

4. Banana Split 

This strain has a wide assortment of flavors, most notably —  banana sherbert. What’s more, it is dominant in terpinolene — hence why users feel so energized and uplifted afterward.

Also, this is probably the reason why the sundae-flavored strain grew in popularity (by 330%) last year. Come 2020 and people just can’t wait to get their hands on second helpings. Yummy!

5. Gelato 33

The Gelato strain is no stranger to cannabis fans.

Namely, it comes in different phenotypes — Gelato 41, Gelato 45, and Gelato 33. The leader of the pack, however, has to be Gelato 33. This particular Gelato strain is rich in the terpene limonene that gives its users a positive and uplifting buzz, making it the most energizing of the (Gelato) bunch.

As a result, its search popularity grew by a solid 230% last year.

All in all, the year 2019 brought us some rather interesting and powerful cannabis strains. Hence, we simply cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for cannabis fans!

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