This Cannabis Compound Could Fight Drug-Resistant Superbugs

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Scientists have recently discovered a CBD compound that destroys bacteria resistant to drugs, which raised hopes for finding a solution to fight superbugs.

Cannabis is known for its antibiotic properties — hence why scientists have screened five different CBD compounds and discovered that cannabigerol, or CBG, was especially successful in destroying one of the most common hospital bugs — Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA — which proved highly resistant to methicillin.

Scientists have revealed that CGB not only destroyed superbugs but it also killed their so-called “persister” cells that were responsible for repeated infections, as well as for their general resistance to antibiotics. Furthermore, the CGB compound is also successful in clearing MRSA “biofilms” that form on the skin and medical implants. In addition, scientists have also found that this cannabis compound is not psychoactive.

The success of CGB against bacteria in the lab has encouraged scientists to test this cannabis compound’s ability to treat infections in animals. They have discovered that CGB was as successful in treating mice with MRSA as vancomycin, which is considered the best weapon in fighting the drug-resistant microbes.

Drug resistance has caused fast-spreading microbes to mutate and develop resistance against standard antibiotics — hence why this cannabis compound could be an effective solution. CGB alone can kill off a great number of bacteria, and in combination with some already-existing antibiotics, it can destroy even the most resistant bacteria.

New studies are currently in progress, and there is still no definite proof. Nevertheless, this new discovery could prove revolutionary in the fight against dangerous bacteria.

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