This Cannabis-Infused Gravy Will Be a Hit at Thanksgiving!

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s high time to start thinking about all the delicacies that will be prepared, served, and enjoyed by the whole family at the dinner table. If you want to wow your loved ones and do something different this year, you’re in luck; there is a novelty on the market, and it has to do with THC. Cannabis lovers will rejoice to hear that a brand-new THC-infused version of the iconic Thanksgiving sauce is currently available on the market (for the upcoming holidays).

The innovative cannabis-infused turkey gravy is one of the newest forms of edibles by KIVA Confections — a company based in California. The company, established in 2019, claims that their mission is to provide customers with potent, enjoyable, and consistent THC-infused products which everyday markets are currently missing.

KIVA Confections explains in one of their blog posts that the psychedelic gravy is created thanks to the most recent technology that makes sure that the edibles are absorbed directly into the stomach and the soft tissue, instead of taking a long trip through the liver. According to the company, this ensures that the sauce takes effect in under two minutes.

Nevertheless, what does this cannabis-infused gravy taste like, and how well does it compare to the traditional stuff we all love?

Reports by KIVA explain that the innovative sauce makes use of ingredients such as salt, garlic, turkey stock, and onions, which are essential in most Thanksgiving meals. Thus, the chances of people noticing a difference between the traditional sauce and the cannabis-infused one are minimal; perhaps even non-existent.

What consumers will like the most about this product is the fact that it is inexpensive and easy-to-make; it only requires a bit of mixing and — voilà — it’s all done in less than 15 minutes. According to the instructions, all one needs to do is mix a packet of the gravy powder with a cup of plain water and let the mixture thicken up; one serving contains around 10 mg of the good stuff.

If you want to step out of the box and be more daring during the holiday season, then this is right up your alley! Of course, remember to tell your guests exactly what you’ll be serving as THC is not everyone’s cup of tea. Bon appétite!

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