Tips for Making the Best Cannabis Thanksgiving Dinner

Lifestyle News - Best Cannabis Thanksgiving Dinner

Love it or hate it, Thanksgiving is a time filled with love, laughter, family visits, but also stress, anxiety, and drama. Most people feel great pressure to make the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, but feel very lost. The following tips and tricks are great not just for everyone who wants to make an amazing dinner for one of America’s favorite holidays, but also cannabis enthusiasts, or those who just want to add something new to their festive tables.

First things first, you need to decide which CBD oil is the best for your festive meals. But how do you do that? The flavor of a cannabis strain mostly depends on the terpenes found in the plant. Having this in mind, you should choose oils that will best complement your meals.

For example, choose more citrusy oils for fruit-based relishes, or musky oils for meat. Putting CBD oil in gravy is an excellent option since your guests can choose the amount of cannabis that works best for them. Additionally, mashed potatoes and stuffing are also great to spice up with a flavourful CBD oil, because they can distribute the cannabis taste more evenly.

The next tip is for those who worry that their guests will get too high. You should be careful with dosing the CBD oil. It’s recommended to start with the courses with the heaviest amounts of cannabis oil first and decrease the dosage for the following meals. This will distribute the potency of cannabis equally throughout all the courses. You are also advised to keep the oil dosage between 10 mg and 25 mg per meal course.

Another useful tip for all new cannabis cooks is to thoroughly research the potency of the cannabis strain you want to use for your meals. It’s also very important which type of CBD oil you use, and the way in which you infuse it into the food. For example, if you’re making butter, it’s best to use premade CBD oil, and infuse it directly into the butter.

The last tip, but also a very important one, is not to stress too much if something doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to. Making food should be fun and stress-free, no matter if it’s an everyday meal, or a big Thanksgiving dinner. Have fun, try out various CBD oil-infused recipes, and enjoy your holiday!

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