Top 2019 Cannabis Marketing Campaigns

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2019 was a great year for cannabis! More and more countries are legalizing medicinal and recreational use each day; not to mention the rising number of CBD-infused products as well. Nevertheless, with great product expansion comes great marketability, and here are some of the best cannabis marketing campaigns the world had to offer.

The Museum of Weed was set up in the very center of Hollywood. Sponsored by Weedmaps, this was a gathering spot for a bunch of different communities including cancer survivors, veterans, budtenders, and numerous others, as well as a place for activism and education. The museum spread across 30,000 square feet and was a mixture of fine art, natural history, culture, and science. It was running for three months, during which it gathered 1.2 billion media impressions.

The New Normal by MedMen is a two-minute short film, written and directed by Spike Jonze. MedMen said it was a “statement,” rather than an ad, that shows the entire history of cannabis, stretching from the hemp farms of George Washington all the way to the present era and the flourishing cannabis industry we have today. Simply put, their main aims were to spread awareness and fight cannabis stereotypes.

Conversely, When You’re High by the NHTSA focused primarily on the negative sides of cannabis use. Although ad campaigns usually concentrate only on the positive sides of cannabis presenting all their potential benefits, such as easing anxiety and managing terminal illnesses, the NHTSA wanted to show that driving while under the influence of cannabis was a highly dangerous activity.

Overall, this has truly been a year of outstanding marketing campaigns when cannabis is concerned. As a result, we’re anxious to see what else marketing geniuses have prepared for the upcoming decade.

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