Top 3 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Favorite Stoner

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If your special someone prefers marijuana buds to roses, fear not, for we have compiled a list of our favorite gifts for cannabis lovers. Some are romantic, and others are simply awesome; the best part — you can gift them any time of the year!

1906 High Love Chocolates

Let’s start this list with a more romantic gift1906 High Love Chocolates. Melt your Valentine’s heart with these chocolate-flavored coffee beans!

This brand became famous for its Go Beans — chocolate-covered, CBD- and THC-infused, coffee beans — and now they have a special High Love line as well.

Apart from the standard THC and CBD ingredients, it’s also infused with natural botanicals such as Damiana, Catuaba, Muira Pauma, Yohimbe, and Vanilla. In addition, the smaller beans have 1 mg of THC and CBD, whereas the larger beans and chocolates have 5 mg.

Privy Peach CBD Sex Lube

If you or your partner are not into food, then you ought to spice up your Valentine’s night with a Privy Peach CBD Sex Lube.

Seeing how CBD is known to ease pain, Kim Koehler, the founder of the Privy Peach brand, came up with the idea to create CBD-infused sex products that alleviate pain and anxiety in people that have gone through sexual assault or an abusive marriage, like herself.

Privy Peach CBD Sex Lube will increase your and your partner’s pleasure while also reducing the anxiety and the pain that some women might feel during sex. The lube also contains coconut oil.

Phyto CBD for Animals

Finally, if you’re dating a person who doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can still surprise them, and their pet, with Phyto CBD for Animals.

This hemp oil for cats and dogs will help your furry friend maintain healthy hair and skin. This CBD oil will also promote their neurological health, as well as support their joints and hips.

No matter which gift you choose, we are sure that your sweetheart will be over the moon!

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