Two New Polls Show Most Americans Support Legalization

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Hold onto your seatbelts kush lovers as, according to the latest news, the vast majority of US citizens want cannabis to be legalized state-wise!

Two brand-new nation-wide polls reveal that Americans support marijuana legalization.

The first poll, a survey by Fox News, showed that 63% of the participants support the legalization of recreational cannabis, whereas a mere 34% highly oppose it. The survey involved 1,000 adult participants surveyed between December 8–11.

The second poll, conducted by Marist in partnership with NPR and PBS, surveyed 1,744 US citizens from December 9–11. The results of the poll were similar to the first one, with 62% of the participants claiming that legalizing cannabis was a “good idea,” whereas 33% claimed that it was, in fact, a “bad idea.”

The political director of NORML, Justin Strekal, confessed that Americans are more likely to say “yes” to legalizing cannabis during the holiday season. Furthermore, Strekal claims that now is the perfect time to demand the end of the prohibition in advance of the upcoming 2020 elections.

So, who is more likely to support the legalization of cannabis nationwide — Democrats or Republicans?

According to Marist, and the results of the partisan affiliation of the poll surveyees, 76% of the respondents who identify as Democrats are more supportive of the legalization of cannabis than those who view themselves as Republicans (44%).

Also, 40% of those individuals who support Trump claimed that they back the legalization of cannabis, whereas 55% consider it a terrible idea.

What about the different age groups? According to sources, the Silent Generation (individuals 70 and older) are the only ones who do not support the end of the prohibition of cannabis on a federal level.

Shocking as these figures may seem, Pew Research also backed up these claims when they asked nearly 10,000 Americans about the topic. The survey results were issued last month showing that 67% of participants claimed that America should end federal cannabis prohibition.

A poll by Gallup released in October also showed that 66% of adults in the US said “yes” to the legalization of the drug.

Therefore, will cannabis finally be legalized nationwide? Is it only a matter of time? We will find out sooner rather than later. So, stay tuned as we keep you posted on all the latest news regarding cannabis legalization in the US!

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