Tyson Smoked Weed Before Comeback Fight vs. Roy Jones Jr.

Sports News - Tyson Smoked Weed Before Comeback Fight vs. Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson recently admitted to smoking marijuana before entering the boxing ring with Roy Jones Jr. on November 28. The 54-year-old sports icon claims to smoke weed every day and says that “he cannot avoid smoking as he is a smoker and that’s who he is.” 

He originally claimed to have stopped smoking in preparation for the fight with his long-time rival, Roy Jones Jr. That is, Tyson initially stated that he stopped smoking prior to the fight as a measure to get into the best shape possible. Another measure he took was undergoing electric shock muscle therapy. It is still unclear exactly when he decided to go back to smoking marijuana

The comeback exhibition match between the two experienced rivals ended in a draw after eight rounds. The fight took place at Staples Center and was scored by previous WBC champions. 

Tyson wasn’t tested for marijuana before the fight. The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association didn’t test for the substance and only looked for drugs that would be performance-enhancing. In other words, cannabis didn’t make it on the list of substances that were banned for the fight.

The legendary fighter has had substance abuse issues in the past and has opened up about them fairly recently. He said that he quit using cocaine around two and a half years ago. However, he still smokes marijuana regularly and is completely open about it. 

Tyson doesn’t hide his love for cannabis and even founded the marijuana companyTyson Ranch” in 2017. Ever since the award-winning fighter has been incredibly outspoken about his fondness for cannabis and how it helps him.