Ukraine Pushes for the Medical Cannabis Bill Amid War

Politics News- Ukraine Pushes for the Medical Cannabis Bill Amid War

Over three months into the conflict with Russia, Ukraine officials are pushing for a legislative bill that could help Ukrainians cope with the horrors of war at least partly — a bill for the access to medical marijuana. 

The surprising move was announced last week through a Facebook post by the Ukrainian Minister of Healthcare Viktor Liashko. In it, he explained that the goal was to simplify the access to medical marijuana for patients, various industries, and scientists.   

The bill contains the legal frames for medical cannabis cultivation and distribution, as well as product manufacturing.  

If everything goes as planned, patients suffering from over 50 recognized conditions treatable by cannabis will have access to medical cannabis, as will the medicine-related industries and cannabis researchers. 

According to the Ministry of Healthcare, access to cannabis treatment will be especially beneficial for civilians and soldiers dealing with the consequences of war, such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). 

Research suggests that cannabis can cut flashback occurrences in half (51%) in PTSD patients, which is far from the only positive effect it has on mental health. Anxiety and sleep disorders are also some of the conditions recognized for cannabis treatment.

Liashko is rightfully worried about the mental state of Ukrainians. Even before the Russian invasion, Ukraine was one of the top 10 most suicidal countries in the world, according to the statistics.

And this isn’t the first attempt of the Ukrainian government to adopt regulations related to medical cannabis. Another version of the bill was introduced last summer but didn’t pass the Parliament and was sent back for revision.

Now’s the time for another attempt. That said, many believe that, unlike in 2021, the violent circumstances of the war will play in favor of the cannabis bill in Parliament.

We’re about to see if the effort will pay off amid the war. If it does, the Ukrainian government will have a firm grip over the cultivation, production, and sale of marijuana products, providing help to those in need.