US States That May Legalize the Use of Marijuana in 2020

Legalization News - New States for 2020

The current situation in the United States regarding the use of cannabis is 11-33. What this means is that 11 US states allow legal use of recreational cannabis, while 33 US states allow legal use of medicinal cannabis.

Now, there are 9 states that could legalize the recreational use, and join the cannabis map. These 9 states hold key votes on some forms of legalization of cannabis in 2020. Keep reading to find out if your state is one of them.

  • First on the list is Arizona. The use of medicinal cannabis is already legal in Arizona, and there was a failed attempt to legalize the use of recreational cannabis in 2016.
  • Arkansas has almost the same storyline as Arizona. They also allow the use of medicinal cannabis and have already had no one, but two failed attempts to legalize recreational use.
  • Florida carries the biggest vote for the legalization of recreational pot. Florida already has a fast-growing market for the use of medicinal cannabis, but it remains to be seen if the citizens of the “Sunshine State” want to allow recreational cannabis use, as well.
  • Idaho doesn’t allow any use of cannabis, recreational or medicinal. However, next year, they may legalize the use of medicinal cannabis.
  • Mississippi, one of the most conservative states by far, has an advocacy group that has collected a substantial number of signatures to join the initiative for legalizing medicinal cannabis. They actually have a good chance of succeeding.
  • Nebraska already has 3 failed attempts at legalizing medicinal cannabis. Maybe next year, the voters will decide instead of the state legislature.
  • New Jersey will also try again to legalize the use of recreational cannabis.
  • North Dakota already allows the use of medicinal cannabis; it remains to be seen if they’ll take the matters a step further.
  • South Dakota doesn’t allow the use of any form of cannabis, but rumors have it that maybe in 2020, they’ll legalize medicinal cannabis.

Florida, Arizona and New Jersey are definitely the most important states for investors. Additionally, Cresco Labs and Trulieve Cannabis could be the most profitable stocks in the business, so perhaps the big players in the cannabis industry could help the legalization cause.

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