USA Triathlon Partners Up With a CBD Company

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With the rise of the CBD popularity, athletes are becoming more eager to try some of the cannabidiol infused products. Unfortunately, many of the so-called over the counter products that we take for granted can contain some substances that athletes are forbidden to use.

USA Triathlon has found a solution to this problem and will partner up with a Colorado-based company by the name of Pure Spectrum to make the best CBD-infused products for athletes.

Athletes are thrilled to try CBD, since it can alleviate different kinds of pain, relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and even help digestion. This partnership between the USA Triathlon and Pure Spectrum will enable them to try out all the CBD’s benefits, without breaking any rules.

Professional sportspeople are not fond of using prescription drugs. They’d rather go for healthy and organic alternatives, and this partnership will surely give them what they want. The USA Triathlon has signed a four-year contract because they have great trust in Pure Spectrum. This cannabis company controls the production process and tests its products five times to make sure there’s no THC left.

Elite athletes have been the main target of Pure Spectrum since 2015, and famous people like Steve Kerr, head coach of the Golden State Warriors, NFL legend Franco Harris, tennis player John Isner, skier Bode Miller, and many others have supported various CBD companies and research of CBD related products.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see how they like the custom-made offer from Pure Spectrum.

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