Valens to Be the First to Sell Cannabis Drinks in Canada

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Valens, a cannabis extraction company, is ready for Cannabis 2.0. Upon announcing a new line of white-labeled CBD and THC-infused beverages, this company is set to be the first to sell weed drinks on the Canadian market.

Two months after the sale of cannabis-infused edibles and drinks was legalized in Canada, Ontario consumers will finally be able to see, and taste, what the hype surrounding weed beverages is all about.

Valens GroWorks Corp. will partner with a subsidiary of Iconic Brewing, A1 Cannabis Company, to launch their new line of products, which will include one CBD drink and another containing 2.5 mg of THC.  

BASECAMP, the company’s “CBD-forward iced tea” is expected to become available in select stores in Ontario soon, whereas SUMMIT, “THC-forward citrus water,” will follow suit over the coming weeks.

The new product line of cannabis beverages by Valens is manufactured using the company’s ōRSE emulsion technology. This technology is said to convert CBD oil into water-dissolving solutions used in a variety of cannabis products while also eliminating the taste, color, and smell of cannabis.

It is also reported to offer faster-observed onset times and a considerable reduction in offset times, as well as the potential to increase the shelf-life of products by over a year. Still, many consumers have been wondering as to why CBD-drinks haven’t hit the shelves yet?

Canopy Growth, one of the biggest weed companies in the world, was planning on introducing over a dozen pot-infused drinks in January, but the launch was delayed. One of the suspected reasons: aluminum cans. Namely, the interaction between THC and can liners was causing the beverages to lose some of their potency.

And while Canopy Growth has denied that this issue was behind the delay, the only drinkable cannabis products from this company are CBD-infused tea bags sold in Delta 9 and Canopy-operated shops.

Canadian pot companies were hoping that edibles and beverages would help them get out of the slump they’ve been experiencing lately. And even though hold-ups in the production and launch of cannabis-infused drinks are no cause for optimism, analysts expect the Canadian cannabis beverages market to reach 529 million Canadian dollars (US$470 million) on an annual basis.

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