Veriheal Offers Scholarships to Promote Cannabis Innovation

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As the stigma surrounding CBD and medicinal cannabis slowly break down, people are interested to know more about this topic.

However, current data simply can’t keep up with demand — hence why more and more programs dedicated to educating people about cannabis are becoming readily available. Here people can learn anything from botany, pharmacology, business, and other relevant fields of the cannabis industry.

Yet, the fact remains that information on cannabis is fairly limited and people are in desperate need of it.

This is why Veriheal, a cannatech company, went on a mission. Their goal is to help cannabis patients, and people in general, who are curious about the medical properties of the plant.

Since every country has its own regulations, the rules can be somewhat confusing, and there may be numerous obstacles to cross. Veriheal wants to help people navigate through the process of obtaining medicinal cannabis by connecting patients with doctors who can certify qualifying conditions required for all medical cannabis programs.

To promote cannabis innovation, Veriheal is set to give away up to $10,000 worth of scholarships to students who are interested in the industry. The company values education of the highest quality and believes that it’s an investment in the future. What’s more, Veriheal wants to help motivated students in need and who are looking to innovate and contribute to the cannabis industry.

As the company’s representatives claim, selections will be based on the ideal combination of community, awareness, sustainability, and innovation for the future of cannabis both as a medical medium and an industry. All US students can apply for the scholarship on Veriheal’s official website until July 30, 2020.

The cannabis industry is constantly growing and experiencing new developments, so fresh minds and new ideas are crucial for its continued development.

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