Video of 3-Year-Old Smoking Cannabis Goes Viral

Lifestyle News - Toddler Smoking Cannabis

If you read the title thinking it’s just another clickbait, well — think again! 

Just recently, four individuals were locked behind bars after a scandalous video went viral on social media depicting a toddler smoking cannabis. The MDWFP, the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics teamed up to investigate the case after a person sent them the mentioned Snapchat video.

The investigators soon discovered the identity of the people involved: A. Waldron, W. Albright, and K. Green, who allowed the toddler to smoke cannabis. What’s even more shocking is that the toddler had ingested cannabis on several occasions prior to that incident!

The mother of the toddler, A. Waldron, was charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana, as well as Contributing to the Delinquency of a Child. W. Albright was charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Marijana, Possession of Marijuana, Distribution of Marijuana, and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Child. Lastly, K. Green was charged with Contributing to the Delinquency of a Child.

Child Protective Services were immediately notified of the case and are currently holding the toddler in custody.

Unfortunately, this is not the only recent case involving a toddler smoking the plant. In fact, a woman and a man from Texas were arrested not long ago on charges of endangering a child after a similar video also went viral depicting a toddler smoking cannabis. 

The video in question was also taken on Snapchat and uploaded to Facebook. In a nutshell, it showed a child smoking cannabis and coughing, while people laughed in the background. According to County Sheriff Javier Salazar, the couple believed that the child smoking a blunt and coughing was “the funniest thing ever.”