Vitamin E: the Main Suspect for EVALI

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Recently, a peculiar lung disease, which scientists named EVALI, struck  2,291 people across the US and killed 48 people. Health officials were quick to relate it to vaping, but it was difficult to tell what the exact cause of this illness is.

People who caught this deadly lung disease were most commonly using vaping pens from the brand Dank Vapes. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that no single vaping brand is responsible for this deadly outbreak.

Research, including 1,782 testees, revealed that 80% of them have vaped THC — a psychoactive compound found in marijuana. In addition, 12% stated they have also vaped CBD.

Despite the CDC focusing their investigation primarily on products containing THC, the research also revealed that 13% of patients vaped only nicotine — an addictive chemical found in e-cigarettes.

Moreover, the CDC has classified Dank Vapes as a counterfeit product with an unknown origin. However, TKO, Smart Cart, and Rove were also listed among the brands that the EVALI patients have used.

Most likely it is the Vitamin E oil, which can be found in some THC vaping products, to be the one responsible for the EVALI outbreak.

Vitamin E oil is most commonly used in cosmetics and skincare products; still, vaping pen manufacturers often put it in vaping liquids, probably to dilute them, which is the most probable cause for the deadly disease.

However, the CDC said that there could still be some other substances that cause EVALI, which are being investigated.

In the meantime, the CDC doesn’t recommend the use of e-cigarettes, vaping pens, and other products that contain THC. It’s also not recommended to buy these products from unreliable sources, to modify them, or add other substances to vaping liquids and e-cigarettes.

The only way to be completely safe from EVALI is to refrain from smoking and vaping while the investigation is in progress.

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