Weed Dream Job: Open Call for Vaporizer Tester

Lifestyle News - Weed Dream Job: Open Call for Vaporizer Tester

Vaped.com—an online vaporizer store offers a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity for a lucky candidate to earn $42,000 per year just by vaping!

Indeed, Vaped invented an entirely new job title: full-time remote vaporizer tester, and it is recruiting until the end of this month.

As the cannabis business sector remains untouched (even boosted) by the global pandemic, there are more and more job positions for the weed workforce. 

So last year, a record number of students were working in the cannabis industry while also working on their degrees.

That is to say, the cannabis job market doesn’t cease to expand, but this time, it grows in a fun way!

So, back to the open call, these are the job responsibilities of a vaporizer tester

  • vape by using the provided dry herb vaporizers
  • experiment with vaporizers’ limits and maintenance practices
  • review the user manual
  • compare it to other vaporizers
  • write about your vaping experience in a full product review
  • tape a video
  • take a picture of the product 

What do you need to have? (job requirements)

  • love for vaping
  • be good at written English
  • be confident and natural in front of a camera
  • have strong working ethics even when no one is watching

If these sound like you—one simple application form separates you from your dream job.

Plus, besides the non-existent risk of catching COVID-19, the successful candidate will enjoy a paid vacation of three weeks, flexible working hours, and a $250/month for products that you’ll use in the vaporizers you review.

Also, you don’t have to pay for any vaporizer or related equipment that will be shipped to you. 

After entering a global recession, more and more Americans are hoping for similar, wide public job positions. 

But, on the other side of the spectrum, businesses are already modeling the future highly-educated cannabis employees by facilitating weed-centered college programs. 

These include the cannabis chemistry scholarship in Michigan, the cannabis innovation scholarship offered by Veriheal, among others.