Weed-Filled Balloon Removed from Man’s Nose After 18 Years

Health News - Cannabis-Filled Balloon Removed from Man's Nose

If you think you have heard and seen it all, then think again. The newest reports claim that Australian doctors recently successfully removed a small balloon filled with smuggled cannabis from an inmate’s nose 18 years after he secretly got it from his visiting girlfriend.

The incident is explained in more detail in the British Medical Journal’s Case Reports titled “A nose out of joint,” where it is stated that the drug was handed to the inmate 18 years ago by his girlfriend during a visit in prison. Based on the reports, the girlfriend brought the cannabis inside a rubber balloon!

The report which was published on the 15th of October claims that the inmate inserted the balloon inside one of his nostrils to evade detection and to fool the guards. However, the inmate managed to push the drug deeper into his right nostril, so he falsely believed that he had consumed it.

After 18 years, the balloon filled with cannabis hardened in the nostril and developed into a rhinolith, a 19mm x 11mm solid mass. In other words, cannabis remains calcified and created significant health problems for the now 48-year-old Australian. This is one of the rare incidents of cannabis causing rhinoliths in the nasal cavity, and it is estimated that only 1 out of 10,000 patients visit a professional due to nose, throat, or ear-related issues.

Believing he swallowed the balloon, the inmate wondered why he had recurrent sinus infections and migraines throughout the years in prison. Only recently had the doctors discovered the cause of the health issues thanks to a CT scan of the inmate’s brain. According to doctors’ reports, the inmate had a rubber capsule-like item with degraded cannabis inside.

The professionals successfully removed the rhinolith and the inmate finally remembered smuggling it into his nasal cavity 18 years earlier. Fortunately, the Australian man’s sinus issues and headaches are now completely gone.

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