Weed-Friendly Weddings Are Becoming a New Trend

Lifestyle News - Weed-Friendly Weddings Are Becoming a New Trend

Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular at weddings. According to an expert, one reason for this is that couples are less concerned with impressing others and more focused on ensuring their wedding day authentically represents them and the things they love.

On that note, you can even attend a cannabis wedding expo called the CWE, which aims to connect people passionate about marijuana with suppliers of cannabis-related products for weddings. 

At the cannabis wedding expo, you’ll be able to find numerous products, from weed-infused cakes to vases made from cannabis flowers.

According to Adaeze Ojeh-Teme, a wedding planner, couples are paying greater attention to the guest experience by incorporating real life into their weddings. 

For some people, real life includes marijuana, so it’s only natural for them to want to be able to consume cannabis at their weddings. This can manifest in post-party edibles, cannabis bars, or weed lounges.

However, couples who are into weed weddings must first consider their surroundings. While there are many benefits of legalizing weed, not all states approve of the use of recreational marijuana.

Furthermore, the bride and groom need to inform their guests how cannabis will be consumed at the wedding reception, especially if there are edibles.

Some of the most popular cannabis-friendly wedding venues in the US are:

  • Señor Bear (Denver, Colorado), 
  • Ojai Rancho Inn (Ojai, California), 
  • Cafe Roze (Nashville, Tennessee), 
  • Bowman Cellars (Graton, California), and 
  • Opal 28 (Portland, Oregon).