Weed Nuns Rejoice over the Anti-COVID-19 Effects of Cannabis

Lifestyle News - Weed Nuns Rejoice over the Anti-COVID-19 Effects of Cannabis

This cannabis-growing sisterhood is filling headlines with their appreciation of the latest discovery that marijuana compounds help prevent and cure COVID-19.

Namely, Sister Kate (Christine Meeusen), the founder of this non-religious sisterhood, is glad that medicine aligns with “ancient wisdom,” as she calls it.

Indeed, the sisters are staunch believers in the healing powers of the magical plant, which they’ve been growing and cultivating on their one-acre plot of land in Merced County (Northern California) since 2015.

Not only do they produce cannabis-powered holistic medicine, but the 25 sisters currently living on the premises also engage in spiritual practices but don’t partake in any “official” religion.

In fact, the Sisters of the Valley define themselves as an eco-feministic group that wants to “put Mother Earth at the center of everything.” Doing this apparently includes the regular consumption of marijuana.

Starting out with just a dozen plants, the group now counts annual profits of over $1 million, even before the COVID outbreak. Moreover, their holistic medicine market extends well beyond the US, and they sell their products internationally, including Brazil, Denmark, Mexico, and New Zealand.

Now, thanks to this newly acquired data, their profits will likely increase even more.

Best of all, Bod Australia is conducting a study to find out whether cannabis is also beneficial for the treatment of so-called long-COVID.”

Therefore, the future is certainly bright for this unconventional congregation that worships the “green healer” that has everybody, even Pfizer, investing in it.