Weed Secondhand Smoke 4-Times More Toxic Than Cigarettes

Health News - Weed Secondhand Smoke 4-Times More Toxic Than Cigarettes

If you’re of the opinion that secondhand cannabis smoke is safer than “regular” cigarette smoke, think again! A recent UC Berkeley study found that bong smoking in closed spaces is, in fact, four times more dangerous than tobacco smoke!

According to the CDC, cigarette smoke has around 7,000 toxic chemicals, 70 of which are known to cause cancer. In 2019, about 25.1% of the US population smoked, endangering their health and those around them.

We know the nasty side effects of long-term exposure to secondhand smoke, including impaired immunity, respiratory diseases, CVDs, congenital malformations, and even cancer.

However, up until now, there was no concrete evidence linking weed smoking with hazardous chemicals; 27% of young adults involved in the study didn’t consider it a health threat, for instance.

Nevertheless, the results published in JAMA Network Open show that bong haze produces high concentrations of PM2.5 fine particles (fourfold that of tobacco smoke), which are indicators of low air quality.

Worse yet, merely 15 minutes of cannabis smoking was enough to spike the levels of PM2.5  200% beyond the normal, EPA-approved safety limits (< 250 μg/m3).

In just over half an hour, the concentration spiked to 1000 μg/m3, with levels remaining high even twelve hours post smoking.  

So, does this mean that smoking weed is more dangerous than cigarettes?

Well, no, actually. But secondhand smoke might be!

However, scientists are still missing a crucial piece of the puzzle and further testing is required.

And even in the case that weed’s secondhand smoke is worse than tobacco’s, many welcome it as a “challenge” on how to smoke weed properly; in other words, in spaces and conditions that allow for better airflow.