Weed Workers Could Outnumber Computer Programmers

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Looking for a job amid the coronavirus outbreak? Do you live in a state where cannabis is legal? If the answer to both of these questions was a resounding “yes!” then you may want to consider applying for a job in the cannabis industry. 

Yes, you heard that right — the cannabis industry is currently hiring

According to the latest 2020 data published in the Marijuana Business Factbook, the cannabis industry in the US is expected to open up nearly 250,000 full-time jobs before 2024. 

Back in 2019, the weed industry employed approximately 165,000–210,000 workers. Yet, believe it or not, the number is expected to increase by a whopping 50% by the end of 2020. Yes, your calculator is displaying it correctly, that’s about 295,000 workers!

Nevertheless, keep in mind that these numbers represent only those individuals working directly with the cannabis plant and those employed in different ancillary services, such as lawyers and consultants.

Why is this relevant? Well, think about it: should the marijuana industry achieve this threshold, it would overtake the current number of librarians, journalists, steelworkers, and computer programmers in the US. Crazy, right?

According to the Marijuana Business Factbook, there is a chance for cannabis sales to slow down if the corona-induced economic depression becomes more severe. Such a scenario would greatly hinder the growth of the cannabis industry. At the moment, sales have been relatively steady, despite the whole COVID-19 ordeal. Yet, everything is subject to change, even cannabis; especially cannabis.

Based on a Verilife dispensaries poll, on average, boomers and millennials are spending an additional $28 each month on cannabis since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. Likewise, the total combined medical and recreational cannabis sales in America are projected to reach $15 billion by the end of 2020.

According to state lawmakers in Pennsylvania, New York, New Mexico, and New Jersey, recreational cannabis legalization will help boost the local economies that were hit by the coronavirus crisis. It has also been suggested that federal legalization will most likely happen if a Democrat wins the 2020 Election.