Weedy Valentine — A Trend That’s Here to Stay!

Lifestyle News - Weedy Valentine — A Trend That's Here to Stay!

Roses, chocolates, wine — a bit cliché, isn’t it?

Let’s face it, these cheesy Valentine gifts have become obsolete, especially when you consider another, much more enjoyable present for your loved one — namely, cannabis.

Indeed, people nowadays find more creative ways to celebrate love and love for marijuana on Valentine’s Day.

For example, the world’s largest cannabis dispensary — the SuperStore Cannabis Dispensary at Planet 13 in Las Vegas — is hosting weed-themed weddings for the entire month of February. And among other things, during this “Weed Wedding,” brides get to throw cannabis bouquets and enjoy a green cake!

In addition to that, numerous cannabis brands are launching their limited-edition Valentine offers to spice up the mood for this special day. Here are but some of these:

  • Dad Grass offers its special Valentine CBD pre-rolls called Weedhearts. Namely, Weedhearts have low THC content and you can use them to relax with someone special or give some love to yourself. The appealing packaging and smooth smoking experience make these a much more satisfying gift than a cheesy Valentine’s card.
  • Kush Queen — another cannabis brand with a whole array of love-inspired marijuana products such as Love CBD Bath Bombs and CBD-infused massaging oils.
  • CLOVR — you can try  out special chocolate bonbons with 10mg of THC (created in association with Christopher Elbow Chocolatier) and they come in white chocolate, caramel, and strawberry flavors.

No matter your taste, options for a cannabis-based Valentine’s Day are aplenty. Also, while you’re at it, there are lots of  top gift ideas for stoners to spoil your Valentine with something designed specifically with them in mind. 

And even if you’re single, cannabis is still an excellent choice for some self-love this Valentine!