What Do All Great Writers Have in Common? Love for Cannabis!

Entertainment News - What Do All Great Writers Have in Common? Love for Cannabis!

Inspiration and motivation — every artist would agree that these two could use a boost every now and then. 

The solution? Cannabis! 

This is why so many prominent celebrities promote cannabis every chance they get. Some have even made a business out of it, like Beckham’s skincare brand and Santana’s Mirayo cannabis.

Yet, it seems writers have the hardest time accepting that cannabis is responsible for (at least) some of their outstanding accomplishments

Stephen King — one of the most prolific US authors — confessed that cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana were part of his writing routine back in the ’80s. And although he sobered since then up, he still advocates for the legalization of cannabis.

Writing when stoned is what Catherine Hiller, another modern author, calls “far more poetic or insightful” than regular writing. 

But it’s not just contemporary writers who smoke pot — some of the most famous authors of all time were fans of the herb too.

Alexandre Dumas, the writer of the world-renowned “The Count of Monte Cristo” and “The Three Musketeers” was also a “weeder.” Namely, the French novelist was a part of the “Club des Hachichins” — a society dedicated to smoking pot. The founder of French symbolism, Charles Baudelaire, was also a part of it.

And the “king” of English literature himself — William Shakespeare enjoyed a cannabis-filled pipe from time to time. At least, this is what the latest findings from his garden show.  

A few 400-year old tobacco pipes were found there as well that had cannabis residues on them. So, the term “noted weed” in his Sonnet 76 suddenly gets an entirely new meaning.

Furthermore, all those who have read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas from Hunter S. Thompson won’t be the least bit surprised that the author is a cannabis connoisseur.  

Getting “in the zone” for writing requires calming down — hence the weed. But admitting it isn’t easy. While celebrities are becoming increasingly obsessed with the plant, the general public is still divided on the matter.