Whoopi Goldberg’s Cannabis Company Crashes

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Whoopi & Maya, the medical cannabis company established by Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth, has shut down following an unresolved internal dispute.

A Whoopi & Maya board member, Rick Cusick, who also helped Goldberg and Elisabeth start the company, was notified earlier this month of Whoopi’s plans to leave the brand. He informed CNN that it had become apparent for some time now that the company’s co-founders wanted a “business divorce.”

In addition to personal issues, Cusick cited California cannabis regulations as another cause of concern for the company. He stated that the company was slowly gaining a financial foothold when the state legislation forced them to “jump through hoops” over and over again.

The board is still intact, but the company will no longer be producing its line of women’s health products, Cusick said and added that the brand would not be the same without Whoopi, who was an integral part of the business.

The board is set to meet soon to discuss the future of the company.

Back in 2016, the company was set up by the founder of Om Edibles, Maya Elisabeth, and actress and comedian, Whoopi Goldberg. The company’s goal was to offer natural and safe relief to thousands of women suffering from period pain.

According to the company’s website, Whoopi & Maya products were sold in more than 300 cannabis shops in Colorado and California. The site also claims that the company was one of the fastest-growing brands in California.

Whoopi Goldberg has long been known for her support of cannabis, as proven by the 2011 TMZ interview when she confessed to being stoned during her Oscar acceptance speech. She was also one of the first celebrities to venture into the cannabis business, paving the way for rappers, actors, and athletes to start their own weed enterprises today.

Considering that pain relief is one of the most common uses of medical cannabis, it stands to reason that it would be an effective medicine for menstrual cramps as well. Plus, there are plenty of testimonials from women saying that they have experienced the benefits of pot for period pain. Even Queen Victoria used it for that very purpose.

Hopefully, other companies will be able to fill this niche in the market, providing 80% of menstruating women with access to a safer and more natural remedy.

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