Willie Nelson Quitting Cannabis for Good

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Brace yourselves: Willie Nelson — the iconic country singer and passionate Mary Jane lover — has recently revealed his plans to quit smoking for good!

The younger generations might not be familiar with the name Willie Nelson, but others might know him as the author of hit songs such as “Always on My Mind,” and “On the Road.” Nevertheless, Nelson is not only world-famous for his amazing music, but also for his affinity for cannabis.

Shockingly, during the KSAT interview at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio, the 86-year-old Texan icon claimed that he was trying to give up smoking in order to take better care of himself.

Furthermore, he stated that his breathing was also becoming increasingly problematic due to abusing cannabis for the entirety of his life; Nelson stated that he began smoking cedar bark and progressed to cigarettes, which almost killed him.

The contents of the interview disturbed many fans, seeing how Nelson has built an entire legacy on smoking cannabis; he wrote many songs about cannabis and even collaborated with a fellow cannabis enthusiast — Snoop Dogg. In fact, about a year ago, Snoop admitted during a Jimmy Kimmel interview that Wilson was the only person to ever out smoke him.

Previously, Wilson revealed to the public that he smoked cannabis with Chip — President Carter’s son — on the roof of the White House. Not only that, but on his 86th birthday, Nelson appeared smoking cannabis on the front page of Rolling Stone’s cannabis issue. Talk about being a real die-hard cannabis fan!

Unfortunately, fans will not be delighted in the slightest with the fact that Nelson has decided to give up cannabis altogether. Still, it is the most reasonable thing to do, considering how he was forced to cancel shows due to breathing-related issues earlier in 2019.

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