Wolf: Cannabis Legalization as a Means of Economic Recovery

Politics News - Pennsylvania Governor Proposes Cannabis Legalization as a Means of Economic Recovery

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced the points to be discussed in the meeting on the post-pandemic economic recovery strategies within the state, including legalizing cannabis for recreational use.

In his official statement, Wolf brings forward the proposal for the state legislature to decriminalize recreational cannabis. As part of the plan, the governor also suggested re-investing some of the gained revenue into present small businesses and another 50% for historically disadvantaged businesses.

In addition to the small business grants, Wolf’s legislative agenda also proposed investing the funds back into the justice system to repair some of the damage caused by systemic racism due to cannabis criminalization. Likewise, Wolf urged the General Assembly to initiate reform policies that would “restore justice” and repeal cases of those (wrongly) convicted for cannabis-related crimes. 

Yet, this is not the only proposal made by Wolf — there were several others, including amends to workers fighting on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, making child care more accessible, as well as increasing donations for small businesses. According to Wolf, these proposals come as a result of Republican attempts to impose restrictions on the administration’s efforts in coping with the consequences of the pandemic, choosing to ignore the global health crisis altogether. 

He also added that the government has to take immediate action to provide the necessary care and funding for frontline laborers and ventures, set up new supportive measures for families and businesses, and implement common-sense reforms to restore the much-needed faith in the government and its institutions.

Reportedly, the necessary finances for said reforms would come from the earnings of recreational cannabis decriminalization, as well as the CARES Act Provider Relief — an added $1 billion.