Women Influencers Are Changing Cannabis Marketing

Women Influencers Are Changing Cannabis Marketing

Based on a new study focusing on Instagram tendencies, the legalization of marijuana had a dramatic effect on the social media landscape for hashish promotion and marketing.

According to the study, women are now playing a more prominent role in promoting cannabis through lifestyle-driven postings. Moreover, the study revealed that influencers on Instagram are changing the stereotype linked to hashish, which men have long dominated.

On that note, researchers believe that the role of influencers in bringing marijuana culture into the mainstream and making it more acceptable for women might have an impact on cannabis cultures across the world.

On account of cannabis legalization, the marketing of hashish has changed dramatically. Namely, hashish influencers can now use social media to spread awareness about hashish to millions of people worldwide.

For example, in contrast to hashish sellers, influencers are primarily women who use hashish in conjunction with carefully planned shows of their lifestyle through aesthetically appealing photos.

Moreover, hashish influencers, unlike illicit sellers, make frequent disclaimers to clarify that they aren’t marketing marijuana but rather displaying how they utilize it in their everyday lives.

Regardless of influencers’ position in hashish marketing, we’re seeing a push towards changing the traditional hashish culture of “hippie pot-smokers” to one that includes wellness, motherhood, and other conventional values.