Women More Likely to Use Cannabis to Treat Nausea Than Men

Health News - Women More Likely to Use Cannabis to Treat Nausea Than Men

Based on a survey conducted by the healthcare technology company, Veriheal, men prefer cannabis flower products over edibles.

To be more precise, when asked about their cannabis preference, 80% of men opted for cannabis flower, whereas merely 63% chose edibles. Conversely, women seem to have no significant preference between the two.

Namely, 71% of women prefer edibles, whereas 70% would go with cannabis flower.

Regarding the CBD market, 31% of women and 30% of men would like to see more edibles (from gummies to chocolate) available in both dispensaries and online stores. At the same time, 25% of men and 18% of women would like to see more flower products on the CBD market.

In addition, the most common reasons women and men consumed cannabis products were pain relief and relaxation.

In fact, men were more likely to use it for pain (69% were using it to reduce pain vs 67% who used it for relaxation), whereas women were more likely to use cannabis to feel more relaxed (72% used it for relaxation vs 69% who used it for pain relief).

Interestingly, while both genders equally use cannabis products to help them treat chronic pain and sleeping issues, when it comes to treating nausea, women use cannabis at significantly higher rates than men (14% vs 8%).

Last but not least, women are more likely to prefer a certain CBD:THC ratio (32.5% of women vs 26.2% of men).